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Lucid is a new consumer platform for the contemporary information-driven evolution of the arts.

A DREAM (Data-Responsive Experiential Art Media) may use any data stream available on mobile technology or connected hardware to trigger or generate sound.
DREAM design is as limitless as the imagination of the artist.

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For Artists, Labels and Artist Collectives

Integrity of experience

Rather than giving listeners a fixed-media iteration of your interactive works, Lucid gives experience integrity.

Distribution, sales & marketing

Platform for data-responsive/generative works designed   for mobile including; audience analytics, promotional opportunities, fan engagement, and profile management.


Royalties for artists based on sales and usage with transparent reporting.

Fan Engagement

Connect with audiences interested in interactive media who are a part of the 2.4billion smartphone users worldwide.

For Fans


Be inspired daily with playfulness, self-expression, relaxation, discovery and joy.

Mass interactive-experience platform

Access artists worldwide at the cutting edge of sound art and experience making.


Join a community of artists and other fans, local and international.


Including experiences for artistic enjoyment, education, games, mindfulness, movement, performance art and exhibitions - for individuals or groups in private and public contexts.
Become a part of your Artists’ DREAMs!

About the artform

Lucid by Vordenker has been made possible by the pioneers of interactive media. We’d like to acknowledge the great minds behind Cycling74 (David Zicarelli) and Max/MSP (Miller Puckette et al), who have inspired composers in the 21st century to explore algorithmic composition and data-responsive environments. Lucid has drawn from interactive music, improvisation and conceptual art concepts that have been developed in contemporary performance and art-music styles over the last century in various schools across the globe, including in visual art, performance art and music.
We’d like to thank IRCAM whose knowledge has been proliferated globally by an incredible network of teachers and mentors, and acknowledge that this artform has, in addition to its digital influence, been also informed by the various cross-artform training the composers/experience-makers have all had.

Join our community & get notified when we launch

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